Why i act

I accidentally wound up in a regional theatre production (my mom mistook it for a small function put on by my dance studio but, quickly realized she had auditioned me for something far more rigorous)10 years ago, the production was "Peter Pan." I would say I fell in love with acting immediately but, truth be told, I fell in love when they strapped me into a harness, cued the fly-man to jump from the ladder, and little 9 year old me went soaring 25 feet higher than my actual feet had ever reached. I was flying, quite literally, which I believe is something all humans can only dream about. Every time I set foot on a stage/set I feel that same rush. A feeling I would define as passion. We don't know why we're on this place called Earth, but we are, and not indefinitely, so I want to feel this love, this passion, this rush, as much as I can before that time is over. We should all do the thing that makes us "fly." That is why I act.


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