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(Not So) Chunky Monkey Recipe

My sweet tooth is mentioned far too often, I'm sure you get the point. If you need that late night fix, but can't do that post dessert guilt, try my Not so Chunky Monkey. It tastes just as sweet, just as satisfying, and a whole lot less guilty.


Monkey mix: (good alone as a trail mix)

1/4 cup crushed walnuts

1/4 cup crushed dried bananas

2-3 squares of dark chocolate crushed or shaved


1 serving Plain Greek (nonfat) Yogurt

1 serving sweeter of choice (splenda, honey, maple syrup) - I prefer stevia extract


Stir the goods baby.

*N(ice) cream option: puree a frozen banana and almond milk until smooth and creamy, add monkey mix, stir

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