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Nut Milk Recipe

Lactose intolerance: a curse. Like many, I am lactose intolerant, meaning I cannot digest lactose, a sugar found in dairy. Removing dairy from your diet isn't as hard as it sounds. Let me rephrase: Removing dairy, with the exception of cheese, isn't as hard as it sounds (They haven't created an "up to par" supplement for cheese yet) . Anyhoo, I don't do milk products. Yes, you can purchase "dairy-free" milk or nut milks at the store, but if you're someone who prefers natural / unprocessed foods, you'll get good use out of this ridiculously easy recipe.

Ingredients: (you can half or double the recipe depending on your rate of consumption)

1/3c nuts (almonds, cashews or walnuts)

1/2c water

Optional ingredients: to sweeten or enhance flavor

1 serving sweetener (I use stevia, splenda is fine)

1t vanilla extract (for vanilla flavor)

1T Cacao (for chocolate flavor)


Soak nuts in water over night. Put nuts and water (Or any additional ingredients) in a blender, blend until smooth.

After you finish blending, you may use a wire strainer to separate the milk from the pulp if desired (I personally like the pulp so I don't separate it)

*Fresh for about 3 days

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