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Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is home to my own self discovery (lord knows it). In tribute to this sweet little place, not just on the map, but in my heart, here's a list of my personal "where to" 's in Cincinnati.


There is a place tucked in a little side street of downtown Cincinnati that quite literally stole my heart. I spent more hours here, than in my own apartment. Between writing, taking online classes, visiting with friends, FaceTiming family, this little cafe hosted many of my afternoons. It's safe to say I was a regular. From the earthy atmosphere, health friendly menu, and exceptionally inviting barristers, to the cozy decor, impeccable service, and tasty off-menu drinks, Urbana creates an all-inclusive environment where artists like you and me can flourish. So if you would like a cup of the best coffee in Ohio, go visit URBANA, and tell Daniel "Skylar says hi."

Address: 1206 Broadway Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

What to order: literally anything but here are some favorites - Lavender latte, Black latte (made with activated charcoal) , a classic Americano, and my usual Chai latte w/ almond milk

Instagram: @urbanacafe



Set your alarm for "bright and early" because there is a line out the door, every single day. Brown Bear Bakery is just off the main drag in downtown Cincinnati. You can smell the goodies baking from blocks away. This is an everyday, every season kind of place. There is a warm / earthy feel to the small space, but there's plenty of room for their enormous cookies and cinnamon buns. I have a major sweet tooth friends, so trust me when I say this is the best place to get a treat.

Address: 116 E. 13th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

What to order: Cinnamon bun, Cinnamon bun, Cinnamon bun (it is the ONLY option I give you)

Instagram: @brownbearbakery



Introducing Trinidad, one of the most artistically stimulating people I met in my time in Cincinnati. Trinidad is a professionally trained raw food chef who runs her own business,, in Cincinnati. Trinidad has cultivated her own menu of "love potions," all natural juices and smoothies, that use earth nutrients to fill your body with the fuels it needs to function at its peak. She inspires a self love practice by filling her "love potions" with the energy and nourishment that allows you to feel good in your skin. (bonus: they're incredibly yummy)


What to order: My personal favorite is her "Cherry Bomb" or her " Sky Luv" (yes it was inspired by my love for Almond Butter)

Instagram: @trinidadlovealchemy



The Woodburn Taproom has one of the coolest atmospheres. It's the perfect place to watch the big game or catch up with an old friend. Their Beer menu ranges from sweet, citrus, and tangy, to dark rich, chocolate and espresso notes. There's not a bad beer on the menu so try a few!

Address: 2800 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206

What to order: Full circle here, The brewery makes an Espresso infused dark beer made with extracts from Urbana's coffee beans. Every Brunch deserves a good brew, try "The Breakfast Porter."

Instagram: @woodburnbrewery



I didn't eat out often, between a busy work schedule and tight budget. When I needed a night out at a fair priced, I had a few "go-to"places.

A Tavola Bar + Trattoria. If you have time to walk down the street, the restaurant is surrounded by a bunch of fun boutiques and shops. This Italian restaurant is great for large groups or parties of two. Its a four season, day or night, bar or table kinda place and their pizzas are insane.

Address: 1220 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

What to order: Get "La Varieta" as an app to munch on before your pizza arrives, I personally prefer the "Fig+Prosciutto" or "Brussel Sprout" pizza.

Instagram: @atavola_trattoria

KAZE (because we all need a good sushi joint in our books (holla!)). If you're visiting in the summer, opt to sit outside on the patio, its gorgeous greenery, and shaded tables make it the perfect lunch/dinner spot.

Address: 1400 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

What to order: Poke Bowl, Kaze Salad, dragon roll (in that order lol)

(p.s. that's my beautiful mum)



Chill at the bar, dance on the dance floor, VIP room, bootle service, night scene..I spent my last Saturday night in Cincinnati at Igby's. Although many weekends were spent at The Banks, next to the Reds Stadium, I found my self in a new spot that final weekend and I'm happy I did. Igby's had the best scene I had experienced in all my weekends in Cincinnati. If you're looking for a good time, good drinks, and a great atmosphere, grab ya girl squad (or man squad however you roll) and check it out.

Address: 122 E 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

What to order: I can't lend any advice because I'm mostly certain I drank RBV's all night! Sorry :)

Instagram: @igbys

"A warm welcoming neighborhood bar," Myrtle's Punch House is the place to unwind on a weekend evening. If you don't wanna go out and partyhardy, but you want to leave the house in not your pjs, I highly reccomend Myrtle's. I think its a great place to go with friends, sit at the bar, and enjoy not only each other but the wine and excellent service.

Address: 2733 Woodbury Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206

What to order: The Famous Punch duh! and The cheese board, friends.. never seen a cheese board done so right.

Instagram: @myrtlespunchhouse



I wasn't a regular museum go-er before Cincinnati. When I first moved in, there were plenty of rainy days, and not many places to spend them. The first place I found was the Cincinnati Art Museum. They host a variety of art - classical, contemporary, and modern. It's an everyday place, free admission, no preplanning necessary, just go.

Address: 953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Favorite Piece: Anila Quayyum Agha "All the Flowers are for Me"

Soon before I left I discovered the Contemporary Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. They have extraordinary exhibits year round that reflect an artistic style that I find so exciting. So if you have the time, this a place I think anyone would enjoy.

Address: 44 E. 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Favorite Piece: Glenn Kaino "A Shout Within a Storm"



Findlay Market is one of the most beautiful places to spend a Saturday morning. Once you're in the market district, the streets are full of life. Vendors bring flowers, coffee, pastries, mediterranean eats, fudge.. the list goes on. The market is my favorite place to be in the fall. The produce is fresh, the people are friendly and the food is mouthwatering.

Address: 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

What to order: A cup of Urbana coffee and Pumpkin Pie Fudge (sorry it's seasonal) to start the day, and end the afternoon with a big ole plate full of Mediterranean eats.

Instagram: @findlaymarket



Ye old stomping grounds, LA Fitness, located in Bellevue (just across the bridge on the Kentucky side of the river). I worked at this LAF location as a personal trainer while living in Cincinnati. The people I worked with are incredible and genuine. This particular LA Fitness is set right on the river with not only an incredible view of the city, but by far the best sunset view in all of Ohio. The facility has a modern appeal to it, they have wifi (yay), saunas, a pool, group classes, machines, weights, cardio equipment, and a movie theatre (wutttt?!) If you're interested in a longterm membership or a visitors pass ask to talk to my friend Bryan, he'll give you a great deal!

Address: 119 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue, KY 41073

Phone number: (859)957-2700

Memberships: Bryan Shawler

Operations Manager: Mallory Hurtt

PT Membership: Alivia Bierley or Ashley Calderon

Personal Trainers: Damon Hoskins 100%

Instagram: @lafitnessbellevue



As I've mentioned before, I had a budget to be mindful of. Modo Yoga was my saving grace. I love yoga, I find it peaceful and centering. Your first month is only $40, and the classes are enlightening. Their classes generally run from 6am oil 7pm. Sometimes there are even classes offered at alternative locations (i.e. the CAC, Hyde Park) If you're in need of a hot flow this is your place. Bonus: they supply extra mats, mat towels, sweat towels, shower towels, showers, shampoo/conditioner/lotion, hair dryers, etc.

Address: 3527Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Yogi: Natalie or Leslie

Instagram: @modoyogagreatercincinnati



For my ladies out there, you know how hard it is to find a good salon in a new place. There was only one woman I let cut my hair for over a decade. Once I moved, I knew Id need a new salon, a good one. I have long thick hair, so even a trim can be pricey for me. When I stumbled upon Industry Salon, it was fate. This is actually located on the KY side of the river but thats just a 2 minute drive from downtown - worth it!

Address: 846 Saratoga Street, Newport, Kentucky 41071

Stylist: Jessica

Price: $30 (y'all I got shampoo'd, head massage, neck/shoulder rub (w/oils), hair cut, dried, and styled.. I feel like a thief)

Instagram: @industrynky


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