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Act Grateful

In the last several weeks I’ve been reminded why acting is my saving grace, my escape from the real world, and problems that are only my own. In the past, I neglected to acknowledge the environment this art provides for me, more or less, because I haven’t so desperately craved a safe space like I do now; Somewhere I can unload, express myself freely to each end, experience both comfort and security while fear is absent… somewhere I experience relief. I’ve been finding this escape in anything but the obvious, it’s found in a room full of strangers, a coach, a camera, a mic, and a handful of talented peers. When the four walls of life start caving in, the 4th wall in the room stands tall.

In this specific creative expression, vulnerability is your biggest strength and can, at times, be your greatest weakness; Well, at least the inability to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable while wearing someone else's shoes offers the same comfort as unraveling your own struggles to a trusted member of your life. I take advantage of this, trusting someone with my characters thoughts and experiences without having to share my own. It doesn’t feel selfish or manipulated, it isn’t one sided, it’s mutually respected between myself and my character, and by the end, I feel lighter.

Having the opportunity to remove myself from my own existence, and walk directly into someone else's - there aren’t words. I’m educated in a life I didn’t live and I gain perspective on scenarios I haven’t been exposed to. This, to me, gives life so many layers and has allowed me to be more introspective and reflective on my own existence.

Acting has taught me to embrace discomfort, find comfort within your vulnerabilities, and express yourself in the rawest form without fear. Nonetheless, acting has encouraged me to befriend my art, to confide and trust in it, and in return, it provides me with the most reliable and loyal companion.

Today, I am grateful for that safe space, I’m grateful for vulnerability, and I’m certainly grateful for my art, acting.

Remember this feeling.


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