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Creative Masturbation

A stroke of the Creative mind: When the faculties you most rely on for tension release fail you at the exact moment you require their services most.

As an artist with several mediums, I thought ‘writers block’ (referring to all creative outlets) would never apply to me - wrong. The purpose of my art is to release tension - creative masturbation, if you will. For artists, failing to climax artiscally is equally as unfortunate as it is sexually. There’s a build up of energy, but not the same energy that facilitates an artistic expression; Overtime, this begins to be incredibly frustrating. You can’t force yourself to be in the ‘mood,’ so to speak, you can only exercise patience.

​Visual stimulation makes a creative drought surviveable for me. I go to museums and stare at paintings I adore, watch endless films, listen to music, I sit in the bookstore flipping through interior design books, cookbooks, and photography journals for hours. I microdose creativity from other artists' work, until I can be aroused by my own mind.

When the drought ends, express your art in every way possible. Paint when you need it, flow when your body asks, photograph what makes your eyes water, and write what pours out of you. Do not take this for granted - but get off as much as your creative allows.

Happy Humping


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