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I am truly my mothers daughter, a purebred Libra. I find peace in balance, in fact, I strive for it in everything I do - however, I don't always find balance easily. This applies to all things in my life, work and play, exercise and rest, friend time and alone time, etc.

It has taken me longer than I care to admit to acknowledge the importance of self care, to learn that it is okay to prioritize myself, especially when it pertains to my well-being.

Being an extroverted introvert means running myself thin is a continuous struggle, that’s why I find value in these moments of seclusion and silence. I tend to isolate myself to experience the freedom of recovery. We all recharge in different ways, but for me, I need space, I need quiet, I need rest. Discover what you need, know when you need it, and be certain to listen and give it yourself. No one else is going to take care of you the way you can.


(Currently swaddled in pj’s and blankets, coffee in hand, the windows are cracked and the train is rolling by, candles are burning, and music is playing all around me… these are the moments I crave.)

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